Our Mission

Mission Statement:
To build strong, safe communities in the Inland Empire through community projects, events, programs, advocacy, activism, and public access to reliable information. To be done with the focus on Anti-Bullying Homelessness & Community Outreach. 
If it matters to the community, it matters to us.

Core Values:
 1) Knowledge is Power: An informed community is a powerful tool, we take information and accurate facts available to the community very important and will always make every attempt to inform, correct with facts and share information with the community.

2) Respect our community members: Everyone has a voice and opinion that should be heard and respected even when it differs from our own.

3) Treat others how we want to be treated and vice versa: We treat everyone the way we want to be treated no matter of any difference of opinions or views.

4) Integrity is Everything: Everything we do we do from genuine sincerity for the betterment of the community and always maintain ethical practices.

5) Individuality: Our diverse group gives us the advantage to approach projects and topics with a unique ability to see all sides. We speak as one when any of us are speaking as Ladies of the IE and we also respect all of the Ladies of the IE as being individuals with our own thoughts, beliefs, and opinions.

6) Dedication: We are dedicated to all our projects with the intent of always seeing them through within our ability.

7) Community Advocate: Our elected officials and civil servants have many avenues to be heard publicly throughout the community, the community members do not always have avenues available to them like this so it is our intention to help make the voice of the community stronger and louder. We are community advocates above anything else.

8) With Love: Everything is done with Love 

9) All Donations are accepted: We do not discriminate on donations regardless of our personal feelings of the party making the donation, providing that it is of legal content and does not harm the ethical code and integrity of Ladies of the IE for Strong Communities, Inc. the organization.

Amended 12/21/2015, 01/10/2016
How we got started:
We are
the Ladies of the IE for Strong Communities, Inc. founded 09/30/2015 in Upland, CA. in what began in a fight to get  crossing guards bac
k in Upland
 after Isaiah Shelton was hit and killed while walking to school Oct. 23rd, 2014.  Fighting for months and finally, after an arduous victory,
our kids would b
e s
afe on their journey to school every day
with crossing guards back in our community. After that victory staying up to date on community and city affairs was a common conversation as well as engaging in debates on various topics.  When a community issue would come up it was never a question of "if it needs to be looked at" but rather "why it happened and how to resolve correctly, as soon as possible."

Ladies of the IE grows:
In working on these various projects it presented opportunities to meet other like-minded individuals that have a sincere concern for our community and becoming a pioneer in resolving some of the issues that plague communities across the US and beyond.  All of the board members have been advocates and/or activists on various community issues over the years. To date, our executive board consists of 5 men and woman.

Ladies of the IE becomes official:
In September of 2015, there was a total of 10 projects on our list and a 40-50 hour week with often times being up until the wee hours of the morning overlooking documents, questions, and a variety of other items.  The natural flow of progression was clear in that an official non-profit organization needed to be formed and filed.  So it was in motion.  Ladies of the IE for Strong Communities was officially formed 9/30/2015.  We received our EIN number and our 501(c)3 form certifying us as an official tax-exempt non-profit organization dedicated to building strong communities one project at a time within the IE.  There is so much work to be done and great excitement in knowing our success resides on each of us, working as a team, putting in the focused time, effort and energy solely on building a stronger community.

What's next for the Ladies of the IE:
Regardless if it's going before the City Council or conducting meetings for community groups, fundraising, research, and reporting; we always have our community in mind which is why completing some necessary changes was recently on our list. Our goal is to be able to raise funds by way of donations and community fundraisers so we have more resources available to us to put back into the community so we may continue to help make strong communities for all.  We are advocates of children and their safety, animal rights, human rights, civil rights, government accountability, and the common good for the community and citizens alike.  Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to making our communities stronger and safer together.

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